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Who knew that English could be so fun?! Our 15-hour courses are short and wonderful – just like your students! Using play-based activities specifically designed to develop young learners’ communicative skills in English.

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Ready for your Mission? Immersive English for 10 to 14 year olds is here! Our courses will raise the English standard in your class. Choose from 30 or 15 hour courses packed full of projects, games, reading, writing skills, lively debates and much, much more!

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Our Moving Forward program is specifically aimed at Maturita students to enable them to confidently study for their exams and University. We help your students practice those essential communication skills for the building blocks of their futures!

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Go Further is designed specifically for adults. No matter how confident you are with your English speaking skills, there is always room for improvement. These relaxed sessions will help you to navigate through the slightly more challenging aspects of speaking English. With discussions, role-play, challenging scenarios and more, you will come away with more confidence and clarification when using the English language.​

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