"This year, pupils in the third and fourth classes were able to diversify their lessons with non-traditional English teaching. In the week of January 20, our classes were held with English teacher, Ellie from First Class English. It was teaching English with a native English teacher.

The children were divided into two groups and only three hours a day devoted to English under the guidance of their new teacher. Through games, interviews, competitions and other entertaining activities, pupils were able to test their knowledge of English in practice. The initial shyness and fears quickly disappeared because, as it soon became apparent, the lecturer was not only an excellent teacher, but also a very nice and entertaining companion, and so the teaching took place in a friendly atmosphere.

The pupils also learned a lot about the realities in English speaking countries, learned a few slang words, played various games such as: phone, detective game, name, city, animal, thing… they draw themselves, invent their own countries and so on. In return, the children taught some Slovak words to our lecturer. At the end of the course everyone received a certificate of his successful completion and then it was only left to say goodbye to our lecturer, to wish her a happy journey home. We believe that we will meet her again in our school in a year."

"We are thinking of you and we wish you were here again! You know, everyone deserves to have lessons with First Class English! …Even teachers!

First Class English have impress the students and teachers… a lot!"

Mgr. Zoltán Patko (teacher),

Levice, Slovakia

Livia (student),

Nitra, Slovakia